About Janet Butler

Hello. Let me tell you how I felt in love with Pilates.

I love being fit and healthy. I also love teaching fitness to others and for many years I taught high impact sport. But after years of teaching high impact sport and suffering from back pain, my back worsened and I was unable to continue teaching at this level.

So, I retrained as a Pilates Teacher and that enabled me to continue my love of exercise. Pilates has helped me to improve and manage my own back condition considerably and reduce my pain.

I love seeing how it benefits many of my clients and improves the quality of their lives, both physically and emotionally. I’m a great believer in the benefits of Pilates.

I progressed to qualify with Modern Pilates as an Advanced Clinical Pilates Instructor. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how people can benefit by adopting the Pilates mind-body approach into everyday life to achieve optimum health and balance.

I want to inspire and support you by holding your hand whilst you gain confidence and strength.