Aids with the prevention of certain health conditions

Builds better balance and coordination

Helps maintain and can improve bone density

Offers a safe and excellent form of exercise for seniors, pre + postnatal women and for a wide range of medical conditions

Stress reduction and detoxification

Restores physical vitality

Focuses on movement and breath, encouraging meditative states

Circulates the blood, improving cell function

Charges the blood with oxygen and purges waste gases through proper breathing


Helps to prevent injuries

Improves neuromuscular control, which creates more balanced strength throughout the body

Increases movement awareness, resulting in safer use of the body and fewer injuries

Better alignment, posture and more efficient use of the body


Fitness, Strength & Flexibility

Improves posture and mobility, including flexibility of the spine

Improves overall muscle balance in the body and creates a long and lean muscle tone

Improves stability and alignment of the major joints in motion, reducing occurrences of injuries

Promotes a more efficient and supportive core

Encourages efficiency of movement and improves performance of day to day movement and sports

Improves the function of the lungs and circulation

Complements training for athletes and performers