I have never tried pilates before, will I be able to keep up with a class?

Just focus on me and yourself and you'll be fine! You will be working at your own pace, so don't worry about the people around you.
If you feel like you would benefit from some additional confidence, my private appointments will teach you some movements before joining a class.


What should I wear to my appointment or class?

Comfort is key. Wear something light and breathable so you can stay cool and comfortable.
Workout wear is ideal because it allows you to move freely, but avoid anything too tight as it may restrict your movement.
Footwear isn't required in class but feel free to wear non slip socks or go barefoot.
If you wear orthotics or heel raisers in your shoes, I encourage you to wear these for the standing exercises.


How do I book?

You can book a class here or a private appointment here
Alternatively contact me for more information.


I have problems with my joints, is it suitable for me?

Absolutely! The movements are slow and controlled, so the exercises are not too strenuous on the joints, in fact I would expect to see your symptoms improve.
The Modern Pilates method was devised in conjunction with Physiotherapists to re-balance the body by improving posture, muscle tone, flexibility and core stability which in turn can have great benefits to the joints and many other conditions. You can read more about the health benefits of Pilates here


Do I need any equipment?

I provide everything you will need for the session, including a mat, head block and resistance band.
I recommend you bring water and a towel.


Am I too old for Pilates?

Don’t worry, I can adapt all the exercises to suit you. Age isn’t a barrier to exercise and Modern Pilates is suitable for people of all ages. in fact some of my older adults get the most benefits! I have clients from 15 to 91! That is why I tailor my sessions to individuals. If you find floor exercises difficult, you would benefit from a private appointment and a personal exercise plan. If you have any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.