Janet's Top Tips to enjoy the festive season

Just Breathe.
Just stopping and focusing on your breath regularly provides you with space for awareness and lessens stress.

Get Outdoors.
Wrap up and go for walk. If you see something you like, stop and enjoy it for 20 seconds; a view, a leaf, your family walking along, your pets.

Move around.
Try some simple Pilates stretches in between Christmas activities you’ll feel much better for it.

Be kind to yourself.
Christmas is definitely a time of giving, not just presents, but a giving of yourself in time and can also be a time of looking after others.

Ground yourself.
Feel your feet on the floor grounds and centres you and it’s also a great practice to do daily as a stress prevention activity.

Do one thing you enjoy.
Take a bubble bath, eat or drink something delicious, dance, play your favourite song, sing.

Janie Ash