Ta Dah! Proud to announce my new brand and website

Janie Ash has been coming to my classes for about 5 years and over that time, I have been impressed by the creativity of her team at Better with Jam. 

So, when I was looking for a brand marketing agency to help me visualise and communicate my difference, I turned to Janie.

She told me right from the beginning that we would work in partnership and the process would be something of a journey.  What impressed me was how deeply they delved into the DNA of my business philosophy. Their insight obviously comes from a wealth of experience working with small and big brands.

Better with Jam created an amazing brand that tells my story. Their great design, copywriting and photography means that I now have a brand that reflects my ethos. It communicates perfectly my love of Pilates and my passion for helping and supporting my clients to manage their conditions and improve their lives.

Thank you to Janie and her team at Better with Jam.  I love my new brand and website and I hope you do too.

Janie Ash