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And now breathe and relax.

In our fast-paced Western lifestyle it’s never been more important to plan in a regular time for deep relaxation practices. Chronic stress has become a major problem and often lies at the root of many common chronic diseases. And whilst heart pumping cardio workouts are great for you, it’s important to have a healthy balance that includes more relaxing types of exercise as well.

Regular forms of relaxation such as Pilates and mindfulness help to keep you balanced, and minimise the negative effects of daily stress.

Modern Pilates is a method of exercise that will condition and tone the body by working the muscles from the inside out, creating a stronger, flatter mid section, improved posture and muscle balance, realigning the spine and improving both the function and appearance of the body.

It is very relaxing and stress relieving and really reduces tension, particularly in the neck and shoulders. It's really good for those recovering from back problems as well as older people, runners or dancers keen to benefit from increased flexibility and core stability.